Sterility test

The increasing mutation of diseases requires complex artillery to be able to combat them. That is what we have here at Hylab labs. Combining the latest equipment and competent technicians gives you the best services one could ever wish for and ensures that you get an accurate value for your money. Our services include the following:

Microbiology tests

We offer a range of services when it comes to microbial testing. Using our homogenizers and centrifuges, we will give you a specific result of what's ailing you. We ensure specimens provided are in their purest form as we regularly perform sterility tests on our equipment. Our staff also utilizing them also wear gear which also undergoes sterility tests before handling specimens. Cholera testing, stool examination, urine pregnancy test, semen analysis, cholera testing, chlamydia test, sputum analysis, and blood analysis are a few of the many research we conduct in our labs.

Molecular biology

Cell therapy and the molecular synthesis of cells are also conducted in our labs. The increase and demand for DNA testing among couples and parents have allocated sizable funding into the research and understanding of macromolecules. Our molecular biology department has sharpened themselves and conducted unlimited tests on their hard-earned knowledge. The study of ribonucleic acid (RNA) has not been overlooked since it goes hand in hand with the study of Deoxynucleic acid (DNA). Since DNA testing is susceptible and one impurity might bring inconclusive results, we usually conduct sterility tests on the department every thirty minutes to ensure the accuracy of our tests.

We also offer intern programs to our aspiring lab scientists. We also equip them with the necessary tools to have a smooth experience when sharpening their skills. Our facilities are located in unpolluted environments, and they require complete body sterility tests for persons accessing them.



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